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VeloBind is the most secure of the common table-top book binding processes. This type of binding is great for anyone looking for a secure bind, or who is binding thick books. If you are binding legal documents, VeloBind is the right choice, as most legal depositions are required by law to be Velo-bound.

VeloBind is available in three different sizes, using 1 x 11, 2 x 11, and 3 x 11 strips. VeloBind allows you to bind books up to 3" thick. You can also bind books as small at ten pages.

Binding Process
#1: Punch your pages.

#2: Insert the plastic pronged strip through the holes you have punched.

#3: Insert the plastic hole strip onto the plastic prong strips, closing the book.

#4: Place your book in the binding area of your machine. You will find pins to fit the grooves on the hole-side of the strip. Make sure they snap into place.

#5: The next step happens internally. A hot knife comes and sears off the prongs that protrude into the machine. The plastic binds melts together sealing the book bind. You now have a tamper-proof book.

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