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There are two types of thermal binding: wraparound cover binding and thermal tape binding.

Wraparound cover binding makes binding simple for smaller applications where book thickness does not vary.

For longer runs and larger applications, we recommend thermal tape binding. Unlike perfect binding, finished book trimming is not required. This type of binding is very popular in digital and copier environments, because it consists of a single-step process for any book thickness.

Binding Process with the Attabind 20
#1: Drop your pages into your cover, making sure that all the pages are touching the glue strip.

#2: Place your book into the machine & press power. Allow your book to cool before opening.

Binding Process with the AccuBind
#1: Position your thermal strip under the strip holder

#2: Place your book in the clamping station

#3: Press bind. Allow your book to cool before opening.

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