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Roll lamination is generally preferred for laminating items in larger runs and formats. Roll lamination supplies are less costly than laminate pouches, but can be more labor intensive with small jobs.

Binding Process
#1: Heat up your machine

#2: Adjust your slitters (if you have them) to the width of your finished product.

#3: Place your media on the feeding table and watch as the laminated finished product emerges on the other side.

#4: Cut your document out of the "web" or the laminated sheet.

#5: Trim your laminated sheet to the proper size. For a really clean look, corner round the four sides of your finished product.

If you notice you are getting bubbles in your laminate, you are probably running the Laminator too hot.

If you notice a white or milky area in your laminate, you are probably running your Laminator too cold.

The best way to check the seal on your laminate is to do the X test. Take a razor and cut an X on your document. If you can lift the laminate away from the paper you need more heat. If not, you have a good seal.

Note that most laminators are not designed to laminate photos. Abb does not recommend laminating photos in anything but a heated roll laminator.

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