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Perfect binding is one of the most secure, professional-looking, labor-saving, and cost-effective binds available. Most perfect-binding machines are used for larger runs, but today's machinery is making it possible to produce even a single, on-demand book professionally and cost effectively.

The perfect bind process involves inserting a book block (sheets or signatures comprising a book) into a carriage clamp that mechanically processes the book through a cutting and roughing station. It then smooths adhesive along the book spine, and adheres a wrap-around cover to produce a finished book. Generally, a final step includes a three-sided trim to clean up the finished book.

Using printed covers makes every book look like an original, while clear acetate covers make it possible to produce perfect-bound books without printing covers. Using custom covers allows for unlimited print types, one-sided clear coatings, and scoring for lay-flat properties.

Binding Process
Most perfect binders are very simple to use. You insert your cover into the cover station, place your printed book into the carriage clamp, activate the machine, and remove the finished product. Some binders will even automatically load your covers and eject the finished books for you. After the book is dry, it is ready to use.

Most perfect-bound books are three-side trimmed before they are considered a finished product. This is a simple process, and can be accomplished with a small paper cutter or an in-line, automated three-knife trimmer.

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