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Plastic coil binding is quickly becoming the most popular type of short-run book binding method. Many companies are upgrading their plastic comb binding to plastic coil. The reason? Coil is more functional, secure, and looks better. Coil is available in a wide range of colors, and coil-bound book pages may be rotated 360 degrees, and will lay flat. Coil is great for bound media that is mailed because of its resiliency. If the binding is bent in shipping, it will bounce back to its original shape.

There are three primary types of coil: 4:1, 5:1, and, 6mm. 4:1 means there are 4 holes punched in every inch of your binding edge, 5:1 means there are 5 holes in every inch punched and 6mm is somewhere between the two.

4:1 coil the most popular type of coil bind. Its also very versatile. A 4:1 coil bind will allow you to bind books as small as 10 pages, and as large as 1-1/2" thick.

6mm coil is one of the newer coil types. It will bind the same-sized documents as the 4:1, but has a slightly tighter hole pattern.

5:1 coil has been referred to as the nicest looking coil because of its tight hole pattern. 5:1 coil can bind a book as small as 10 pages and as large as 7/8".

Binding Process
#1: Punch the sheets for your books. Make sure your pages are all the way against the back wall and completely flush against the side guide. Don't try to punch more pages than recommended for your machine.

#2: If you do not have an electric inserter, then manually twist or roll your coil into the book. If you have an electric inserter, manually insert the coil into the first few holes, then use the feed wheel or roller to insert the coil.

#3: Make sure the red dot on your pliers is facing up. While keeping the pliers flat and horizontal to your work table, squeeze the pliers tight and without releasing, twist them clockwise to crimp. Hint: The deeper you can get the coil into the pliers the nicer the crimp will be.

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