EPX 700
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- Effective punching thickness of 3-4 mm depending on materials
- 120 strokes/minute
- Sheet Width: 27-1/2" (700 mm)
- Punching Capacity: 4mm
- Wide choice of round and square hole punching dies available, including Wire-O®, Mult-O®, UniCoil®, plastic comb, Velobind, spiral, etc., as well as a wide variety of tab-cutting and special punching patterns.
- Compact and freestanding

The James Burn Lhermite® EPX 700 punching machine is a flexible, manually-fed workhorse specifically designed for intensive commercial environments with a maximum sheet width requirement of up to 27-1/2 inches. A major advantage of the EPX 700 is the interchangeability of its tools with the Lhermite® EP range and larger automatic punching machines. A range of inexpensive adapter kits permits less expensive upgrading and reduced tooling costs for larger installations. It handles a wide variety of materials of almost any shape and size, and offers flexibility of operation, high performance, and a very short setup time.

Foot pedal controlled, this heavy-duty floor punch is capable of punching up to a maximum binding edge of 26". It can accept 15" EX380 and 24" EX610 dies.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

Punch Thickness 4mm based on materials
Punch Production 120 strokes/minute
Dimensions (HxWxD) Call
Voltage Call
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Wire-O®, Mult-O®, UniCoil®, and Lhermite® are registered trademarks of James Burn International.
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