BB 500
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- Largest finished edge in its class: up to 20" wide
- Unique drive wheel assembly eliminates coil tangle
- Hands-free foot pedal allows two-handed book placement
- Variable-speed coil feed for maximum operator control
- Quick loading coil increases production speeds to an average of 300-400 books/hour
- Handles coil sizes from 8 to 18mm
- Simple setup and operation
- Easy coil sizing for maximum versatility and changeover
- PLC controlled: most functions are variable and touch-key controlled
- Optional takeaway conveyor available
- Compact floor model
- Plugs directly into standard power supplies (air required)
- Available in 4:1 and 6mm Pitch sizes

Most functions are variable and touch-key controlled

Most operations are automatic: operator simply places pre-punched sheets on wire elements
The state-of-the-art BB500 provides the highest output and most features of any Wire-O® finisher in its class. This production document inserter and closer is capable of binding up to 1,200 books per hour. Most operations are automatic: the operator simply places pre-punched sheets on wire elements, and the machine does the rest. Binds all documents from 1/8" to 1-1/8". The binding edge is variable from 2" to 20". A delivery conveyor for continuous document unloading is included.

Offers the largest finished edge in its class: up to 20" wide

Optional takeaway conveyor available

At 1,200 cycles per hour, the BB500 is super fast, yet it's easier to operate than any other finisher, with most functions keypad-controlled. It's extremely versatile, capable of finishing all documents up to 210 sheets, with the largest maximum finished edge in its class of up to 20" It's also the only finisher in its class that skip binds, up to 9 times per cycle, with or without hangers. The BB500 automatic functions cut, feed and position the wire for insertion, then sends the document to an automatic closing station for finishing.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

Finished Edge 2" - 20"
Non-Finished Edge 2" - 30"
Book Production 1200 books/hour
Air Required 80 psi, 4 cfm maximum
Dimensions (HxWxD) 62" x 75" x 35"
Voltage 110V 60 Hz
Weight (Shipping) 800 lbs. (1,500 lbs.)
Wire-O® is a registered trademark of James Burn International.
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